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Rethink launches the 'Real Stories of Addiction'!

We’re proud to share the 'Real Stories of Addiction' with you — our new anti-stigma campaign developed to transform how we perceive people with lived experience of addiction in Australia.

There’s more to their stories

Addiction can happen to anyone. We know that one in four Australians will struggle with alcohol, drugs or gambling in their lifetime. But addiction is just one part of a person's story.

For our campaign’s lived experience voices — Anna, Baden, Jacky, Jess, Nikki and Paul — and countless other Australians, addiction shouldn't define their lives.

The 'Real Stories of Addiction' challenge us to look beyond what we see to breakdown the stigma.

The whole story of addiction

Too often the reality of addiction is obscured by deep-seated stigma.

This means many Australians with lived experience of addiction can’t access the help they need due to a fear of judgement or a lack of available resources.

In response, the 'Real Stories of Addiction' reminds us that addiction is only one part of someone’s life.

The sooner we see the whole story of addiction, the sooner we will ensure that people across Australia can access the help they so rightfully deserve.

Your ongoing support

Our movement, which is dedicated to transforming how we talk about, and in turn, respond to alcohol, other drugs and gambling harm in this country, is quickly growing.

If you joined us tonight at our virtual campaign launch, we thank you for sharing this momentous occasion with us. And if you’re yet to view the 'Real Stories of Addiction', we can’t wait for you to watch the campaign videos and to share them with your community.

We hope to see some of you this September in Canberra at the inaugural Rethink Addiction National Convention where we will call for a national coordinated response to alcohol, other drugs and gambling harm.

Together, we can bring to the foreground the stories of people with lived experience of addiction to usher in a new path forward.


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