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Watch the ground-breaking four-part documentary series that provides a unique insight into addiction, stigma and treatment. 


Addicted Australia is a four-part documentary series that provides a unique insight into addiction, stigma and treatment by following ten clients, their clinicians, peer support workers, families and friends as they take part in a six-month treatment program designed by Turning Point.

Addicted Australia is a bold and personal look at the reality of addiction which tests and debunks many of the prevailing misconceptions that further the damaging stigma faced by those living with dependency issues. It was commissioned by SBS in 2019 and produced by the award-winning television production company Blackfella Films. The series will be rated Mature Audience (MA15+) and will is not suitable for people aged under 15 years.


“Addiction is one of the most stigmatised of all health conditions. The accompanying shame and stigma can result in a delay of up to 20 years from when somebody starts developing a problem with alcohol, drugs or gambling before they seek help. That is far too long, and as a consequence many Australians and their families suffer in silence. We have to Rethink Addiction

Professor Dan Lubman AM

Executive Clinical Director – Turning Point


The series premiered on SBS on Tuesday 10 November 2020 and is available through SBS On Demand


Addicted Australia has started a conversation that is changing hearts and minds about addiction.  The campaign to Rethink Addiction aims to keep progressing this important conversation, but we can't do it without your help. You can help change the story of addiction and join the campaign to make it a national priority by sharing your story of addiction or taking action today.


Episode one demonstrates that people struggling with addiction have long been depicted in the media as on the fringes of society. But that’s not reality. Sarah, one of the participants in the series, clearly shows that anyone can be affected by addiction. 

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Episode two focuses on the support network of the ten participants undergoing treatment and looks at the impact that dependency issues can have on the broader network of affected individuals including friends and family members.


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Episode three, we see how addiction affects the mental health and wellbeing of some of the participants. 


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Episode four showed a common aspect of recovery – lapse and relapse. When Matt has a lapse, he comes to his next counselling session concerned about what the team will think. But what he encounters is the support of people who are on similar journeys.


Read more about the fourth episode here…

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