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12 - 14 September 2022

Around one in four Australians will struggle with alcohol, other drugs or gambling at some point in their lives. But critically, almost half a million Australians are unable to access the support and treatment they need due to lack of available services or fear of judgement. We want to see systemic change to the way we think about and respond to addiction in this country.


To achieve that, we are calling for a national coordinated response to alcohol, other drugs and gambling harm, and an end to the stigma that prevents people from across Australia from accessing the help they rightfully deserve.

The Rethink Addiction National Convention was a historic opportunity for us to enable that change. The theme for the Convention It’s time to change the conversation is befitting of the many voices heard, including clinicians, service providers, law and justice practitioners, policymakers, and most importantly, people with lived and living experience.


Professor Dan Lubman AM
Spokesperson for Rethink Addiction

Kate Seselja: Hearing our stories

Kate Seselja’s 12-year struggle with gambling addiction to Poker Machines almost took her life. Now she draws upon her lived experience to create positive change through The Hope Project, where she advocates for gambling reform and coaches, educates and inspires others.

Kate is Co-Chair of the Canberra Gambling Reform Alliance and a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee to implement new gambling reforms in ACT. She is also a TEDx speaker, World Kindness Australia Goodwill Ambassador and has been featured on publications, podcasts and television programs including The Today Show, the ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That’ and CNN’s ‘Vital Signs’.

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