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Jacky's story

I studied at St Martin's Theatre, a national theatre, when I was sort of a teenager.

I think from watching TV from a young age and always watching the Oscars and thinking, "Wow. One day I'd love do something like that."

So would always be in school plays and audition for, um, plays when I got to high school. I found it, like, really nerve-racking, but I still love the thrill of doing it and love the thrill of the performance.

I love the idea of being lost in a character so I can forget who I am for a couple of hours on stage and, um, just get lost in that world.

I played a, um, it was a big part in a play called 'Silly Cow' by Ben Elton. And I had to dye my hair blonde for the part.

There were a lot of wig changes, a lot of lines to learn, a lot of action on stage. So, yeah, that was challenging. But, you know, equally, just as rewarding, 'cause it was such a big part.

When you're singled out at the end in your curtain call because you've had most of the lines and you've been on stage most of the time, it feels really rewarding.

Yeah, you sort of waiting to go on, like, in the's really nerve-racking and you sort of think why you put yourself through it.

But then, you know, you feel the audience out and then you, you know, you get your curtain call and it's great. You know, it's the biggest rush.

I just love being listened to, you know? That was something I wasn't afforded maybe when I was younger.

So when you've got the stage, you've got everyone's ear, you've got everyone's attention and, you know, the lights are bright to show you up. So, it's... Yeah, it's's a miraculous feeling.

1 in 4 Australians will struggle with alcohol, drugs or gambling in their lifetime.

Just one part of Jacky's story is her lived experience with alcohol addiction, but it's often the only part that people choose to see.

Right now, roughly half a million Australians living with addiction are unable to access the support they need due to a lack of available treatment or fear of judgement.

Being sober is, um, a really enlightening process, you know? It's a hard, raw process, but it's so important.

And, in some ways, I still feel like that sort of 15-year-old girl that stopped growing when she...when she started to drink and now I'm, you know, still growing up.

Discover the real stories of addiction, without the stigma.

Share your story and together let's rethink addiction.


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