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Has a lived experience of addiction


My name is Michelle. I am an addict in recovery. I have battled with addiction to opiates since my 20s. For over 10yrs I was on methadone and I never thought I would or could get clean.

In 2015 my world crumbled. I lost custody of my two sons and I tried to suicide that night - I didn't see how I could get out of this. Little did I know that this was the catalyst I needed to change.

I went to detox and rehab and finally learnt that I had a disease, of addiction. I got fully custody of my sons back,

I am now 6 years clean. We have a normal life; it is simple with no drama, and so much gratitude and love. Hitting rock bottom gave me a second chance. Even at age 45, it is never too late for miracles to happen.

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