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Has a lived experience of addiction


I had a chronic alcohol problem for 20 years.

I asked a psychiatrist for help when I was 15 because I knew from the moment I first got drunk, alcohol was going to be an issue for the rest of my life.

I was told that because I wasn't drinking daily at that stage, I wasn't misusing alcohol and didn't have a problem.

I progressed to drinking daily and drank that way for many years.

A medication called baclofen helped me recover, but because I had no idea how to live in the absence of drugs, I started using methamphetamine.

Then I had a baby and he was taken from me by the state.

After much trial and error and some help from Narcotics Anonymous, I'm now abstinent from all drugs.

I realised in order to have my son in my life I needed to take care of myself. My son is now back in my care and I am finally living.

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