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Has a lived experience of addiction


I grew up in an environment which encouraged alcohol-use and first started drinking at 6 years old. I started binge drinking in my early teens, and had developed daily dependency on alcohol by 19 years old. If I didn't drink a bottle of whiskey each day I would experience delirium tremors, hallucinations, sweats, and heart palpitations. I had many accidents and after one concussion was warned that I wouldn't live past 24.

Despite slowly decreasing my alcohol use to every other day, and then eventually to binge drinking just on the weekends, at 22 years of age I had one of my kidneys removed; one of the many consequences I experienced as a result of my addiction.

After another 6 years of alcohol dependence and many unsupported attempts to quit drinking, I chose a path of sobriety 3 weeks before my sons first birthday.

I put down the bottle for the last time on the 1/1/2019 and I am now over 2 years sober. I live the happy, healthy, hangover-free lifestyle with my family that I always dreamed of.

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