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Single Mum


I did solvents, glue and aerosols at 13. Later it was pills and a bit of powder before going out clubbing. It was a laugh.

In my thirties it’s not so funny and no one’s laughing now. I went to get counselling and they told me to control the drinking. I could have laughed at that.

Why did they think I was there? They said make a list of how many drinks you drink. I just made up stuff. Nothing changed. I was having a shower and I realised I had to stop lying. Lying to myself and to them. Two kids, no house, no mates. I had nothing. I thought, I need to stop this. I listen to them now when they say try this. I tried everything else I might as well try this.

Now I go once a week. I see my counsellor and I have a job and I have a place for me and the kids.

Stability is everything but so is commitment. I made a promise to myself I would try this. It’s working so far.

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