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Has a lived experience of addiction


In October 2012, I was sitting in a doctor’s surgery hungover, depressed and thinking about suicide. For 20 years, alcohol had controlled my life. Reaching down, I picked up an old magazine and began to read the story of a woman whose life resembled my own. Like me, this woman had been a prisoner to alcohol, but she had recovered.

I was 34 and had already been admitted to rehab 5 times and sought help countless times through multiple health services and support groups over a period of 7 years. I would always resort back to drinking and did not believe that a life without alcohol would be possible for me.

I decided to commit myself to the same long-term residential program the women in the magazine had done. Her story gave me hope. In 2013 I completed the 10 month 12 step Recovery Program, and stayed on at the center as a mentor for another 5 months. It was the most challenging, yet rewarding 15 months of my life, and the best thing I could ever have done.

I have remained sober ever since with no desire to drink, something I never thought was possible. Life is good.

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