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Sober Awkward

Victoria Vanstone

Podcast Host

"Victoria Vanstone, (Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy) is the host of the Sober Awkward Podcast and CEO of The Cuppa.Communty - The free social network for the sober curious. Vic’s socially acceptable form of alcoholism fell through the gaps, so since getting sober her passion has been helping others open up about their issues, identify the impact alcohol has on their lives and transform the stigma that surrounds those with alcohol misuse disorder. Vic creates tools that prop up sobriety and encourages those that are struggling to reach out for professional support. Vic is excited to be part of the Rethink Addiction Conference and hopes to help raise awareness for those stuck in rut and questioning their intake.

I am so proud to be part of the Rethink Addiction Conference. Coming together to share our stories is a truly powerful way to address the shame and stigma that surrounds addiction."

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