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 National Convention 


The aim of the National Convention is to promote a discussion about how current approaches towards alcohol, other drugs and addiction issues exacerbate harms and how changing these will improve lives and community outcomes. Throughout the convention, we will hear from a diverse range of perspectives, including consumers, families, front line workers, treatment providers, policymakers and other key stakeholders.

 Day 1: Defining the issues 

8.30AM: Welcome to Country and Convention opening

Session 1: Setting the scene – hearing our stories

Hearing the real stories – challenges, stigma, and hope 

Session 2: Rethinking our assumptions 

Challenging the underlying assumptions and misconceptions

Session 3: The impact of criminalisation 

The effect that criminalisation has on people and society

Session 4: Getting help

Experiences of accessing help and support

Session 5: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

Intergenerational trauma and the need for culturally appropriate treatment

7.00PM: Special evening event, venue TBC


 Day 2: Defining the challenges 



Session 6: Setting the scene – hearing our stories II

Hearing the real stories – challenges, stigma, and hope 

Session 7: Challenges in prevention 

Current barriers to delivering and accessing effective prevention 

Session 8: Challenges in keeping people and communities safe

Current barriers to reducing harm

Session 9: Challenges in help and support

Current barriers to providing and accessing effective treatment and community support

Session 10: Priorities and ways forward

Summary of discussions and key conclusions/recommendations reached

4.30PM: Day 2 close


 Day 3: Government Relations Program 

9.30AM – 4.30PM:

An opportunity for us to lift our voices to the decision makers at Parliament House and attend Question Time.


Details TBC.